November 10, 2019

Things you must not do when you are travelling

The desire to see the world is always appreciated because they say that roaming the world will make you more learnt than any book. It brightens up your mind and makes you a rational being. Since you will come across many unseen situations, it helps you to analyze critically. If you are a travel freak and mess during your journey, then you need to take care of the things that might help you travel smoothly. If you are looking for the best tips that you must know when you are travelling, then go through this article for a quick guide that will assist you in learning what must not be done when travelling.


Picture permit

The most common mistake that is least spoken is taking pictures without the permit. Assume yourself in a place where a stranger is capturing your photographs, how cool will you be to accept this move? You react in a discomfort way, isn’t it? It is the same as the others. Taking any individuals pictures without their permission is not entertained. Not only individuals but few very specific places like museums, exhibitions and other government official related destinations also do not allow taking photographs. So just put your camera inside and enjoy the location and experience immense thrill and fun.

Do not litter

This is the very fundamental advice that you should follow. No matter which country or place you visit, don’t place yourself with the dirty atmosphere in there. Even if the place is super dirty and is filled with litter, you use a trash bin to dispose of your dust. Contribute to the cleanliness of the surrounding. Make sure you carry a small trash bag where you can dispose of small things and then transfer them when you find dust carries.

Don’t feed the animals

This is very common complains and mistakes that most of the visitors commit when they visit a zoo or a national park. You do not have to be that kind enough to feed the animals, even if they urge you for food because, then their hunger; the health of those animals is very significant. Never feed the animals without the guidance of the security guards present there. Do not ill-treat those animals by throwing plastic bags and other things at them. Maintain the decorum of the zoo and similar places.

Do not exploit people or place

If you are a visitor, it is very advisable to behave like a visitor. Even if things are not fine at your end, try to talk to the concerned authorities, make sure you do not fall under any inconvenient circumstance. If you are greatly troubled by the local people around, approach the local guards for help. Do not exploit the things or people for your own benefits. Be aware of the steps you take, and the trip is always a self-owned parcel of risks; make sure you are prepared for it.

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