The El Cerro field has kept its inhabitants, more with their livestock than with the crops, which, barely, removed the people from the land.
There were bad times, which caused many to emigrate in search of prosperity. For them this site is also dedicated, through which we want them to take on the life of their people.

From the City Council we intend to create an information service to the citizen, and, for this, the page will be updated continuously, with news of interest, projects and announcements, while we aim at promoting our town through the Services Guide We offer the visitor.

To gather more information on any subject of interest you can do it through email or telephone at the municipal offices.

From here we want to convey our desire that this page serves to publicize this land, where the new visitor finds what they are looking for and, for those from Cerreños who had to go to other places, we want this site to make them feel closer to their village.