March 25, 2020

Top Countries for Asian Food

Food has the essence of tradition, culture, and secrets that each and every place holds for their recipes. Although many of the dishes may look similar, the key is in the preparation of it. The taste and texture of the same dish can differ in 100 meters, and both plates will taste similar yet so different. This is the magic of cuisines and street food of Asia. The menu in Asian countries is filled which rich spices and broth and recipes, which is an experience like nowhere else. Here are the countries that you must visit to try out some of the most mouthwatering dishes in event space Selangor in


Chine is the largest supplier of food and spices to the world, making it safe to say there is no scarcity of cuisines to choose from. Some of the world-famous cuisines of China include Sichuan food, Cantonese food, and the specialities of the Yunnan province. You can choose from different varieties of noodles, fried rice, roasted ducks, and barbecued meat. Every street has something different to offer as you travel through China to taste different dishes served hot and spicy. Everything that you eat in China will stay in your tastebuds forever.


India is a paradise for vegans. Unlike many countries, India has more variety in vegetarian that a place can have in veg and non-veg combined. Not only you get to try out different curries, rice, chapattis, and naans but also the lip-smacking street food like chaats, panipuri, and chola-bhatura. The most diversified country in the world does not disappoint in providing diversified cuisines made with specially grown species and ingredients. The main reason why India is not a country you can afford to miss is that the food is way too affordable to get you addicted in a few days.


Japan makes the best authentic and sensational dishes with simplicity and rich natural flavours. You can get the real ramen experience only in Japan from street restaurants to expensive restaurants. If you are a fan of sushi, you cannot return back from Japan without trying out all the famous restaurants. There is also a wide variety of packed food to try out which have unique flavours as well as high-quality ingredients which can sometimes make them expensive. You can try out some delicious food in railway stations, sports stadiums, and shopping malls and can actually feel the passion of chefs while preparing food for your soul.


Thailand is yet another country which can offer you a wide variety of dishes which will take at least a year for you to try them all. Thai food mainly consists of the flavours of coconut milk and rich hot spices, make your taste buds burst and ease while you eat. There are several dishes you can try out in Thailand – from noodles, soup, fish, oysters, to some highly flavoured pork cuisines. Thailand is a food hub where you get food any time in all the streets ready to serve you some hot and spicy curries and rice.

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