April 19, 2020

Gambling Addiction: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

MMC 996 Singapore Casino games have been an addicting trend among both wealthy and middle class men likewise who believe in changing their fate by a few flips of the coins or chips. Some of the famous Casinos are in Las Vegas, China, Singapore etc and are usually crowded during their seasonal times. But if this gets out of hand and turns into a compulsive habit then it’s not gambling anymore. It becomes an addiction which is never good for the mental and physical health of a person. This is called as Problem Gambling. But it doesn’t mean that every person who gambles is addicted to it. Some tend to prioritize gambling over everything while some know when the time has come to stop and go back home. This is the main difference between a gambler and an addicted person.



Gambling like any other form of addiction is unnoticeable on the surface. It may look like a casual night at a casino, turning in a few bucks and sometimes returning back even luckier. But when the person starts frequenting his visits and always seems on edge to get back for one last game then you can catch on to what has been happening. Some symptoms to look out for in an addicted gambling are in here
• Visits the casino more than once a week.
• Redirects every conversation back to gambling and its perks.
• Losing repeatedly stirs violent emotions.
• Have an ardent faith in hitting the jackpot someday.
• Prioritize gambling over everything else.
• Invest huge amounts of money repeatedly without a second thought.


The reason behind gambling turning into a serious addiction is the hope of winning and turning rich overnight. This is similar to different forms of betting. Many people turn to gambling in hopes of changing their destiny but this doesn’t always work out. In some cases it turns deadly and evolves into an addiction. An adamant will of winning one day. The following can be stated as some causes of gambling addiction:
• Poor income
• A family to look after
• A mere hobby turning fatal
• Entertainment purposes
• The greatest hope of hitting a jackpot leading to relentless gambling that turns into an addiction.


Truthfully speaking, a gambling addiction is not the worst kind of addiction and because of that a full recovery is possible. Money is a dangerous commodity. If not used properly, it could bring negative outcomes. One such negative outcome is the gambling addiction. But its treatment is hassle free and usually positive. Following are some ways to get over gambling in a healthy manner:
• The most effective treatment is by the victim itself. If he makes up his mind to change then half the battle is already won.
• A therapy session by a good psychiatrist can heal and recover the victim from the clutches of problem gambling.
• Self help groups are quite common for problem gambling which helps the victim interact with other restless, addicted souls who want to recover. This changes their thought process resulting in a withdrawn feeling towards gambling.

Gambling Addiction
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